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Business   Promotion Campaign 

Valued Customers!

            We will like to say you welcome to our valued service of “Business Promotion Campaign” (BPC) in which we promote your business on “Global Network” (i.e Internet) through classified sites, so that community around you as well as allover the world (people) should know about your esteemed business/company/services and may they contact you for business/services interests, in the way so that your business/company/services may flourish worldwide.

            No matter, whichever your business is, we offer very low advertising rates according to your business space/value e.g if you want to advertise your business of diamonds you will be charged as per your business value i.e approximately $ 5 US Dollars per ad day for text ad and $ 8 US Dollars per ad day image/banner ad, and if you intend to advertise your business of Computers/Telecommunications you will be charged approximately US $ 2 per ad per day for text ad and $ 5 US Dollars per ad for image/banner ad.


            Following are our some of the packages for advertising the business of average value:

*                  Text Ad                                          @ 2 US $ per day per ad.
*                  Image/Banner Ad                          @ 4 US $ per day per ad/per Image.
*                  Combination Ads 
                   (i.e Image + Text)                         @ 6 US $ per day per ad.
*                  Multiple Ad                                    @ 2 US $ per day for Text and @ 4 US $                                                                                                                       
                                                                         per day per image uploaded

Special Offers/Discounts: We are offering some of the special offers/discounts as listed below:

Special Offer No.1:         If you are hiring our positions for more than 30 Days and less than 100 Days we will offer you our “Special Offer No.1” you will get 20% Discount on each ad (both text and image/banner ads).

Special Offer No.2:           If you are hiring our positions for more than 100 Days and less than 365 Days we will offer you our “Special Offer No.2” you will get 30% Discount on each ad (both text and image/banner ads).

Special Packages:    We offer Special Package for the companies approaching from sub-continent (Indo Pak) as follows:

Special Package No 1:             40% discount on our Special Offer No 1.

Special Package No 2:             50% discount on our Special Offer No 2.

Payment Procedures/Pay Plans/Mode of Payment:   We Offers following payment procedures/pay plans to our valued customers:

ü      We accept pay through western union, direct in our bank accounts or through cross cheque.

ü      You may have to remember that all payments should be made in advance if you desire to hire our position for less than one month i.e 30 days.

ü      If you are going to hire our position for more than two months i.e 60 days and less than 100 days, you have to pay 50% in advance and remaining 50% after 45 days of posting of your ad.

ü      If you aim to rent our position for more than 100 days and less than 365 days, you have to pay 40% in advance and then 20 % after every three months i.e 90 days.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Following Terms and Conditions will be applicable on usage of our “Business Promotion Campaign” (BPC)

þ     You are to adopt above listed payment procedures for using our valued services.
þ     No money will be returned to you in any case due to you fault.
þ  You have to provide full details of your company i.e Company Address, Landline Number, Cell Number, your position (Finance Manager, Funds Secy, Managing Director, CEO etc)
þ     You have to provide you readymade ad (text or image) which is to be published on the site on our e-mail address.
þ Your posted ad will be automatically removed from the site after the expiry of agreement period.
þ     You will inform us through over e-mail address i.e BPC4001@YAHOO.COM, if you found any discrepancy/malfunctioning of the site or your ad is not available on the site.
þ     In case of non submission of payment as described in Payment Packages/Plans your ad will be suspended automatically and legal action will be taken against and you will be considered as fraud customer.
þ     Once you have made an agreement with us to use our services for a specific period and you made any payment to us, you will not be eligible to withdraw from the agreement and no amount be refunded to you in any case.
þ     In case of any discrepancy from our side we will be liable to refund you amount in lump sum as the case may be.
þ     Payments will only be accepted in US $ or Pak Rupees, any other currency will not be accepted at any cost.
þ     In case of blocking of any site on which you ad will published/posted we will be liable to publish/post your ad on any other site for the remaining duration of agreement.
þ     We are responsible to send you the link via your e-mail address, on which you ad is published/posted.
þ     Your ad will only be published/posted when receipt of amount/payment is confirmed by our Finance Department.
þ     As we have some limitation on classified sites so we will inform you regarding your ad whether it is fulfilling our requirements or not.

Special Information:       1st of all you will submit/send us you text or image ad alongwith details, we will check its soundness according to your demanded package.  After that we will inform you via your e-mail address whether your add is fulfilling the requirements or not, in case any change is required we will suggest you those changes.  Since the everything is got ok you will be asked for making an agreement with us, and that’s the time when you will be considered as our valued customer and will be allowed all the above listed packages.

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