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Assalam-o-Alaikum !

May Almighty ALLAH shower HIS blessings upon you and may you enjoy the joys of life ever long.

We will like to bring your attention to our newly launched Islamic Institution Named as “Madresa-e-Faizia-Attaria”As this is a new institute so this is not well known to the community.  Presently Two class of Dars-e-Nizami (Aalim Course) i.e 1st Year and 2nd Year are in progress to prepare Islamic Scholars (Ulema).  Everybody knows that at present era no institute/academy or organization can run without funds, so we would like to appeal you for provision of funds/donations as much as you can for the betterment and flourishment of this newly launched institute/academy.  InshaALLAH almighty ALLAH will award you best as a reward.  Presently we are managing this institute at a Mosque (address given below) but we are facing some administrative problems at there, so we desire to convert it into a proper academy form and we need building, furniture, generator etc urgently.  Anybody who can donate building or provide funds for these essentials of the academy can contact us on following Phone Numbers:

1.         Allama Shakeel Qadri Sahib                    00923222472390

2.         Mr Mohsin                                                      00923009280033
            (President Managing Committee)

3.         Mr Faisal Noorani                                         00923122034305
            (Finance Secy)

4.         Mr Qasim                                                       00923082009813
            (Member of Managing Committee)

5.         Mr Muhamamd Naeem                                00923002920255
            (Member of Managing Committee)

Kind Request:   Please also refer your relatives, your business partners, your friends and your colleagues for provision of funds and donations.

Note:         Please always refer the term “Madresa-e-Faizia-Attaria” whenever you call upon above listed numbers for obtaining information or provision of funds/donations.

Present Address of the Institute:

Madina Masjid,
Punjabi Club, Kharadar,
Karachi, Sind, Pakistan

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